„Ride it like you stole it.“

The Glitch Mob

We like motorcyles the bad guy style. If you do so, you either steal one of our bikes, or you get your hands on your very own. Certainly, we prefer the latter.

It’s all about up-to-dateness.

Building the Honda GL500-JPN we managed to preserve the style of the 80s, whilst using high-tech components and modern production methods. The contrast brings the thrill.

Ready to chase 007.

Racing suspension as well as double disc brakes ensure a safe and high-performance ride. Fibreglass and aircraft alloy parts make this bike your best partner in crime.


Full access 24/7.

Brand new technology connects the Honda GL500-JPN with your phone. It allows the rider to call up information on the bike at any time.


Make your choice.

With two different sets of Continental tyres this motorbike is ready for action, no matter what track you face. The Honda GL500-JPN comes with an original engine setup. On special request your personal bike will be equipped with some extra power. 



Meet the ism.

If you want to know more about Motoism and the bikes we build, please feel free to contact us.

  • „I dare say, had Honda gone the styling route of Motoism, the GL500’s fate would be entirely different…“

  • „I honestly thought that is was pretty impossible to come close to Sacha Lakic’s Honda CX500 let alone equal it. But the guys from Motoism, based in Munich, Germany, took a shot and it turned out very, very well!“

  • „Firm and sporty perseverance as well as steadfast stability, this was our first impression of the GL500-JPN…“

  • „A direct hit, showing empathy for the latest tendencies in the custom industry…“